On 16th – 18th September we had our (virtual Durham) i-CONN kick-off meeting which was a great success – thanks to all those who participated.

See below for links to slides and screenshots from the 3-day event.

Day 1 (16th Sept)

Laura Turnbull-Lloyd (i-CONN coordinator): Introduction to i-CONN (slides)

Jenny King (i-CONN project manager): Housekeeping (slides)

Meeting the Advisory Board: Jacky Croke (chair) & Martin Everett

Introduction to the work packages:

Work Package 1 (theory): Marc Thorsten-Hütt (slides)

Work Package 2 (methods): Vicky Papadopoulou (slides)

Work Package 3 (applications): Christian Kimmich (slides)


Making the network work: Christina Prell

Day 2 (17th Sept)

Meeting people in the network (short bios by all beneficiaries, ESRs, partners)

Damian Crilly (Environment Agency) (slides)

Brian Fath (IIASA)

Jacobs University: Marc-Thorsten Hütt, Venetia Voutsa (ESR2), Selim Haj Ali (ESR3)

Masaryk University: Christian Kimmich, Harald Waxenecker (ESR4), Yan Hua Shi (ESR9)

Aix Marseille: Demian Battaglia, Alain Barrat, Andrea Brovelli, Vinícius Lima (ESR5)

European University Cyprus: Vicky Papadopoulou Lesta, Andreas Efstathiou, Michalis Papadopoulos (ESR5)