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The Connected Past

A week in Aarhus


My experience at ESPIn 2021 Summer Course

Spoiler: It was amazing!


I’m connected! – And so were ancient societies

Social network analysis of the past


The first of many – Introduction to the journey


What do turtles and agents have in common?

The Behave Spring School on Agent-Based Modelling


How to create your own turtle breed – A taste of agent-based models (ABM)

In my first blog post, I would like to reflect a bit on the BEHAVE Spring School (online-edition) on Agent-based Modelling and its implementation in NetLogo, which Deborah and I had the pleasure to attend last week. ABMs are used in many different disciplines due to their ability to simulate large-scale dynamics from bottom-up processes (e.g. in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, etc). In this blog post, I am reflecting on three things: Firstly, where the spike for the ABM modelling approach might stem from, second, some key takeaways from the Behave ABM school, and lastly, how I see it fitting in with my research.


Snow must go on…


Connectivity in ancient route systems


My PhD project on fluvial systems and purpose of my diaries

It’s great connecting with you


How random are the random numbers generated by your computer?


Who I am and what I do

A short introduction