I studied Land Resource Management and Agricultural Economics for my undergraduate in Nanjing Agricultural University, China. Afterwards, I completed a joint degree in the International Master of Science in Rural Development from Ghent University, Cordoba University and Humboldt University. My master thesis investigated the transformational role of information and knowledge governance in the context of climate change adaptation.


My core research objective in i-CONN is to derive methodological and empirical contributions to environmental research problems by describing and analysing input-output data in connectivity studies. Prior to joining i-CONN, I worked as an intern for a climate think tank, Climate Focus, in Berlin, providing research support primarily on the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) progress assessment. It is my career goal to enhance the positive environmental and social impacts in our society through an innovative and holistic approach, and I believe the idea behind i-CONN can help us achieve it. For my personal life, I enjoy biking, hiking, watching comedies and am always open to discussion and communication.

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