My dream has always been to work in the field of ecology. After finishing my undergraduate studies at the Latina University of Costa Rica, I had the opportunity to work in programs of conservation of endangered species that involve local communities in the conservation efforts. Following this formative experience, I enrolled in the international master’s program in Environment and Resources Management (ENREM) in Germany (at the TH-Köln University of Applied Sciences) and in Mexico (at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí) as part of the DAAD’s EPOS scholarship program. The multidisciplinary knowledge I acquired during this time was applied in my master’s thesis research, conducting a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment in Tortuguero National Park (TNP), Costa Rica. I am really grateful it was awarded “Best master’s thesis 2019 / NRM”, at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT/TH-Köln).

Now, I am really excited and motivated to be part of Early Stager Researchers (ESRs) of i-CONN’s project. My research will have the resilience of industrialized riverine landscapes as a key topic, exploring the effects of changes in hydrological connectivity on system-level properties and the contributions to resilience of floodplain ecosystems. I really enjoy playing the ukulele and painting in my free time

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