I was born and raised in Florina, a small town in Northwestern Greece. After finishing High School, I was called to decide on the career I would pursue. The dilemma for me, was to choose between studying Physics or Mathematics. Both seemed very interesting at the time but after a few months of back and forth, Physics eventually won me over. My studies began in 2012, when I joined the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Around the second year of my studies, I started realizing an attraction towards Astrophysics. When I was given the chance, I chose courses affiliated with the field (e.g. “Cosmology”, “Astrophysics”, “Planetary Systems”). Immediately after obtaining the Bachelor Degree in Physics, I enrolled for a Master Program in Computational Physics. During the Master studies, I was introduced to various Programming Tools (e.g. C++, MatLab, OpenMP, Mathematica, etc.). For my thesis, I used symplectic integration methods on 3-body planetary systems, in order to check the validity of certain stability criteria.

Starting June 2020, I will be working on the i-CONN Project while receiving a PhD from the European University Cyprus. In order to meet the expectations of the Program, I will be trained in subjects such as Graph Theory, Network Science, Machine Learning and more. After building the necessary background, I will provide theoretical and algorithmic framework for the identification of semantics networks applicable to the data from different disciplines, such as Astrophysics, Neuroscience and Archaeology. The concept of interdisciplinarity, which is heavily promoted by the i-CONN Project, certainly intrigued me.

Besides Academics, I enjoy taking long runs, hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing/studying chess.

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