I did my undergraduate studies between Tunisia and France, always with the ambition of pursuing physics research. Later, I specialized in Complex Systems during my master’s course, done between Paris-Sud University and the Polytechnic University of Turin. I am first of all interested in cross- disciplinary research and finding conceptual common grounds between domains apparently dissimilar. This was what attracted me in Complexity and more recently, led me to join the i-CONN project.

As the ESR 3, I will be studying dynamical processes on graphs and precisely, how collective patterns emerge out of the interaction between the system’s structure and function. Thus, my doctoral research will be both theory and application-oriented with the objectives of providing new general insights regarding Connectivity Science and hopefully, facilitate cross-pollination within the i-CONN network. On a side note, my hobbies include terribly playing the guitar, weightlifting and woodcarving.

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