What I realized from a very early age was that I had a great interest in learning new things. To satisfy this need, I decided to study Physics, one of the most fundamental Sciences, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. The field of Dynamics won my heart during my studies; hence my BSc thesis was about the “Orbital dynamics around ellipsoid distribution of mass”, which finds application in Astrodynamics.

Sharing knowledge is something that appeals me as much as expanding my knowledge. That is why, during my studies I volunteered to the guide team in the Observatory of the Aristotle University and I got involved in helping and teaching High School students.

The Master program “Computational Physics” that I entered after completing my undergraduate studies endowed me with coding skills, really useful in the domain of Sciences. The subject that I focused on my MSc thesis was about “Dynamical Models on Toxin – Antitoxin Systems”, which are gene loci of bacterial cells that play a very important role in the generation of persister cells. Persister cells are tolerant and able to survive under tough situations. The models are about possible mechanisms that will allow cells to exit persister state.

Constructing minimal models for relationships between structural and functional connectivity, which is the goal of my doctoral research, requires a combination of mathematical modeling and numerical simulations and it will serve the theoretical foundation to support diverse applications.

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