As an outdoor enthusiast captivated by natural landscapes and wildlife, throughout my academic endeavours I have striven to frame my wide array of interests in a manner that benefits nature conservation. While working towards an engineering degree in Applied Science, my research aimed to make use of the particular benefits of Optical methods – namely, Digital Holography – to examine different biological and environmental samples and phenomena. I then delved deeper into the scope of environmental issues and the corresponding ecological responses through an Erasmus Mundus Masters in Applied Ecology. For my thesis project, I used Environmental Niche Modelling to assess the possible impacts of climate change on sea turtle nesting behaviour. Currently, my interests are focused on protecting our fragile freshwater networks and how the tools of network science can facilitate pollution mitigation in these invaluable systems.

For an overview of my most recent results, check out this poster presented at the SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting:


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