I nurtured a deep interest in the study of ecology and socio-ecological systems through my Master’s degree in Ecology and Natural Resource Management from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. During this time, I researched a wide variety of topics; from processes of microbial community assembly, to regenerative agriculture and agricultural policy effects on farmer’s land management. Afterwards, driven by my passion for interdisciplinary research, I did a second Master’s degree in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. Since then, my research interest is motivated on understanding how the political-economic landscape influence and shapes socio-economic configurations, with special emphasis on the role of power dynamics.

For my doctoral research, I am using an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of global network of oil (energy) flows in the socio-economic system. I am strongly and persistently interested in transformative research grounded in the understanding of complexity and exploring potential leverage points that can inform degrowth/post-growth transitions. The i-CONN network offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other while working for a better future for which interdisciplinary approaches are more needed than ever.

Besides my academic interests, I enjoy hiking, food, coffee and music. I’m interested in pedagogy and I love to discuss ideas about mostly everything.


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