I studied geography for my undergraduate degree and worked towards a master’s degree in environmental science while working on projects related to geomorphology and flood risk in multiple environments. The experiences I had during the course of these projects led to my interest in sediment transport and hazards within river systems. I am especially interested in the effects of human activities on morphodynamic processes within catchments at different spatial and temporal scales. For my master’s thesis, I looked into the effects of changes in river channel morphology to flood stages and sediment transport in an urban river in the Philippines.

My PhD topic will deal with the application of connectivity and resilience science in the identification of hotspots and hot moments of hydro-geomorphic connectivity in an agricultural catchment. This shall lead to the development of frameworks and tools that would provide better understanding of the behaviour of human-impacted catchment systems and serve as a basis for effective management options.

My interests outside the academe are hiking, bird watching, sketching and sculpting.

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