My primary research interest resides in complex network theory and its application in earth systems and processes. At broader scale, earth systems and processes can be considered as a complex network, the main question I am trying to answer is, up to what extent these system and processes are inter and intra connected?

For my research on identification of critical nodes, I am examining the node importance in the context of different complex networks such as Ecology, Geomorphology and Hydrology. The interdisciplinary approach of my doctoral research will help in developing a better understanding of earth systems through a range of eco-geo-hydrological perspectives. My research relies heavily on multiple approaches: data analysis, statistics, long-term data synthesis, remote sensing, and geospatial analysis.


Selected Publications

Tiwari, S., Jha, S.K., Singh, A., 2020. Quantification of node importance in rain gauge network: influence of temporal resolution and rain gauge density. Nature Scientific Reports 10, 9761.


Tiwari, S., Kumar Jha, S., Sivakumar, B., 2019. Reconstruction of daily rainfall data using the concepts of networks: Accounting for spatial connections in neighborhood selection. Journal of Hydrology 579, 124185.


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