Seminar DATATHON: what is it and why do we need it

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Seminar with Demian Battaglia, Thursday 15th October 1 pm CEST, 12 pm UK, 2 pm EEST 

For i-CONN network members

DATATHON: what is it and why do we need it

Networks have a dual status. On one side, collections of interacting elements (particles, genes, proteins, cells, biological parts, individuals, species, social groups, economic organisations, landscapes, stars…) have a dynamics which cannot be anymore expressed as the sum of the individual parts but really form a “new” collective system, which we can call “complex network”. On the other side, a graph is an mathematical entity describing the topology of linkage between nodes and how this topology changes conditionally to specific link, node or global graph attributes. Networks are thus sometimes conceptualized as “real” or “abstract”. The aim of a Datathon is to provide a “hands-on” training on how to see the “abstract” network into “real” data, in order to transfer tools conceived for one type of real data to applications in another type of real data, via the identification of common abstract structures. In this seminar, we will discuss the general concept of a Datathon as well as launch the steps that will be needed for the Datathon to works. In other words… we will begin the Datathon project by making you concrete actors of its preparation.