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Lead institution: Durham University

This event is provisionally scheduled to take place in October 2023

The i-CONN conference (to be widely publicised) will be the final networking event of the ITN and will present the results obtained by i-CONN..

It will follow a similar structure to the Annual workshops, featuring presentation of results by all ESRs, and extended poster session and external plenary speakers. ESRs will contribute to the organisation of the conference. The conference will also feature a panel discussion with EU and national governments (see Table 2.4.1).

We will dedicate 1-2 days to co-ordinating the internal and external dissemination and final write-up of i-CONN.

A specific part of the final project meetings will also be set aside to assessing the contribution of i-CONN, cementing its legacy, and planning future activity around connectivity, so as to build on the momentum created by this ITN.