Advanced course 4- Connectivity in Environmental Science (Vienna)

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Lead institution: BOKU

This event is provisionally scheduled to take place in January 2022

Part 1 of the workshop led by Bracken/ Poeppl will emphasize water and sediment dynamics in geomorphic studies (one day).

Part 2 led by Hein will consider connectivity in aquatic ecology, with an emphasis on riverine landscapes, as well as other aspects in connectivity in ecology (one day).

The Environment Agency will contribute a one-day segment to this workshop, focussing on applied challenges for connectivity in manging the environment.

This part of the workshop will be interactive with ESRs and explore:

  1. environmental challenges related to Connectivity Science (e.g. exchange of surface and groundwater flows, social-physical interactions in catchment management);
  2. ways in which Connectivity Science can be harnessed to challenge management interventions in the EU;
  3. practices of environmental management in the EU.

This segment of the workshop will involve theory and application of Connectivity Science, but also build capacity of ESRs around professional practice.