Advanced course 3- Socio-ecological Systems & Network Analysis (Brno)

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Lead institution: IIASA

Other institution: MU/University of Groningen/Modul University Vienna

This event will take place August 18 – 25, 2021

This workshop on interdisciplinary methods for connectivity analysis in socio-ecological systems and Approaches in Network Analysis will be in two parts.

Part 1: A three-day workshop led by Fath/Prell with Huett that will provide an introduction to basic concepts in network analysis, and the tools available for this analysis leading into Social Network Analysis (SNA).

  • Day 1: Intro to ERGMs and SAOMs;
  • Day 2: Advanced topics in SNA (dynamic processes on networks, temporal networks; led by Fousek);
  • Day 3: Incorporating (S)NA into research projects and comparison of approaches in ecology and economics.

Part 2: a 4-day workshop led by Kerschner (MUV) that will give ESRs an overview of some of the tools and methods used for understanding complex socio-ecological systems and their networks, as they are used in Ecological Economics, Industrial Ecology and Policy Analysis:

  • Day 1: Theoretical Background setting e.g. Goergescu-Roegen and Thermodynamics (MU all), Game theory (EUC) and Agent-Based Modelling (UDur);
  • Day 2: Social Metabolism Part 1, Theory; Local Multiplier (MU, Frankova) Material Flow-Analysis, Energy-Flow analysis;
  • Day 3: Input-output analysis (MU, CKI, MUV, CKE), MUSIASEM (Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism) (MU, Cerny) The Post-Normal-Science Approach (MUV, CKE );
  • Day 4: Policy, network interventions and (dynamic) multimode analysis (MODUL DCH), Systemic Constellations (MUV, CKE + invited speaker), Gestalt (MU , CKI).